Enduro Stock Cars are old wrecks with all the glass except the windshield removed, all the inside upholstery except the drivers seat removed, a bit of a roll cage put in, the doors welded shut, the gas tank put in the trunk and then the car gets a paint job and numbers put on. The cars are then raced for 200 laps on a short track oval, sometimes up to 80 or 90 cars at a time.
    I raced these cars from the start of the 1985 season to the end of the 1988 season, mostly at Sunset Speedway and Varney Speedway, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My best race was in 1986 when I finished 11th out of 84 cars, I won 30 dollars.
These pictures are of my cars. In 1985 I drove a 1973 Pontiac Lemans (not shown), in 1986 and 87 I drove a 1976 Plmouth Fury and in 1988 I drove a 1970 Mercury Cougar.

This video clip is from one of my races at Sunset Speedway in 1987.

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